You will receive: 
 4 x packs of seeds – wildflowers, sunflower, cress & pea:

-6 sunflower seeds per pack (Helianthus annuus, commonly known as the Giant Single Yellow Sunflower. The plant grows to between 2 and 3 meters in height),

-approx 100 wildflower seeds per pack,

-approx 100 cress seeds per pack,

-6 pea seeds per pack.

The seeds are sourced from the UK. Seed packets measure 6.7x 9.8cm

4 x Planting labels/ Wooden Plant markers

4x activities sheets for kids: 4 different activities

1x Twig Pencil made from natural twigs

1x A7 Paper Jotter, Kraft Note Pad. 30 pages of good quality white 80gsm paper, size: 75mm x 105mm with a Christmas theme sticker

1x craft wooden bauble, size 8.9cm/3.5in, with hanging rope

1x craft wooden Christmas tree, size 8.6cm/3.4inwith hanging rope.

PERFECT ECO FRIENDLY CHRISTMAS GIFT 🎁. The great box for children who love to colour and craft.

A great way to keep the children entertained and for them to help decorate the Christmas tree.

LETTERBOX FRIENDLY. Each kit is letterbox friendly and comes with free postage. Handmade in Oxford.


Easy To Use & Grow. No gardening experience necessary, full instructions included! They can be grown all year round if grown indoors!

GIVING BACK,OUR COMMITMENT TO CHARITY. A portion of all sales from these gift packs will be donated to the charity Trees For Cities.


  1. Bethany Gordons

    This has been bought to add to a Christmas box. Looks lovely and I’m sure the kids will love it.

  2. Isabelle Emerys

    Amazing! Our children love it! Very pleased with the contents and clear instructions

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  • How to sow pea seeds?

    Fill a pot with compost, push seed down 1cm, press top down firmly. Water regularly and keep in a bright spot. These peas are good for growing all year round due to their hardiness.

  • How to sow cress seeds?

    Scatter in a small pot of compost, cover, water and keep in a bright place. Alternatively place onto moistened cotton wool or a paper towel.

  • How to sow sunflowers seeds?

    Fill a pot with compost, push seed down 1cm into soil and cover. Water and keep in a bright spot. For best results grow in Spring and Summer, we have had good results as late as August if looked after indoors in a sunny spot.

  • How to sow wildflowers seeds?

    Fill a pot with compost, sprinkle seeds and cover. Water and keep in a bright spot.

    We have grown these all year round indoors, they can also be grown outdoors in spring, summer and early autumn.