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Created by Barbara Walter who is a big fan of eco- friendly products. She was searching for the perfect set of reusable pads that would help her to remove a makeup without skin irritation and mascara stains on them but she never found one that she would be 100% happy with.
This is why her Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads came to the world.
You’ll just love them right away. Don’t think twice, this is the right choice.

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🌎 ALL IN ONE SOLUTION FOR A NATURAL BEAUTY ROUTINE – Everything you need for a complete facial cleansing experience. 20x reusable bamboo cotton makeup pads: 10x white pads & 10x black pads, 2x organic cotton laundry bags, 1x crafted bamboo storage jar, 100x biodegradable bamboo cotton buds, 1x travel size 15g Clearing Treatment Face Mask: Bentonite Clay Mask

🌎 STAIN ELIMINATING DESIGN- black pads with anti-stain design for removing makeup easily and preventing mascara, eyeliner and red lipstick stains. Don’t let your dark makeup stain your reusable makeup removal pads after their first use! White pads for applying toner and moisturiser. Only two layers of fabric to avoid excessive absorption of water or cleansing products. All pads in perfect size: 8cm (3.15 inch). For all genders, ages and skin types, even sensitive baby skin

🌎 SET WITH VERY USEFUL BAMBOO STORAGE BOX- All pads in one place, plus 2x 100% cotton laundry & storage bags with double drawstring; one bag for white pads and one for the black. Compact size to refresh and cleanse on the go: travel, gym, school or at the beach.

🌎 PERFECT ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT 🎁 for everyone who loves this beautiful planet. A great choice for best friend gift, birthday gift, bridesmaids gift, mom’s gift, house- warming gifts and even teacher gifts.

🌎 PLASTIC- FREE- our pads are 100% bamboo cotton fabric, they are certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO -TEX (The Certificate Number BJ001 132449), which means they are free of harmful substances and safe for human use. BPA- Free. They don’t contain polyester! We perform NO animal testing. We are committed to being simple natural, kind to the environment and eco-friendly.

🌎 WASHABLE, REUSABLE, BIODEGRADABLE, ZERO WASTE, SUSTAINABLE- Our product is an environmentally and vegan friendly alternative to cotton wool pads, face wipes, face cloth, microfibre face cloth, bamboo face cloth or cotton wool balls and can be used as reusable baby wipes with 100% recyclable packaging.


  1. Magdalene M.

    Honestly, these pads are absolutely amazing. I can’t believe that these pads take my make up off with such ease. Just run under the tap and wipe over your face and your make up just disappears. Love them!

  2. Jessica

    Had this beautiful set delivered to me this morning (super fast delivery). I’m so happy with this product, I can’t wait to use them this evening. Thank you ever so much 🙏😍❤️ I also love the fact that a tree is planted with every product purchased. Will definitely be purchasing again in the future for gifts for my friends/family.

  3. Ines

    Gorgeous set delivered to my door within days. Everything came beautifully packed with a little Thank You note in it.
    Very good quality product, kind to the skin and to the Planet.

  4. Dorothy Lee

    Very high quality product. The jar looks great. The pads are soft on your skin and remove make up effectively. I love the idea that there are all black pads, it will make washing them so much easier than mix colour pads.
    The company says they will plant one tree for the product I bought. It makes me feel good!

  5. Goose

    Love these. Definitely wash before using, to help absorption. Absolutely beautiful packaging, and the storage box is stunning – looks fab in my bathroom. Very well made. I will probably buy more as gifts in future!

  6. Mark Freeman

    These are perfect for not only removing makeup but are also perfect to help the environment out at the same time. My girlfriend love these. Everyday she uses these to remove her eye make up. They go into washing machine and then out again. The white ones come out clean as do the black ones. The material is soft too. The container and wash bag are perfect for storing clean and dirty pads.

  7. Lydia

    Soft and gentle , nicely packaged and quick delivery! Love that it’s plastic free and reusable ✅

  8. Virginia

    i ordered black & white pads, the delivery arrived in a few days, earlier than expected.
    The product is nicely packed with attention to detail; i have already washed the pads and used them, i am very happy with the product.
    happy with this product

  9. Gemma Wood

    Absolutely love my set. They wash brilliantly, ive used the pads and they are lovely to use on my skin. I havent used the ear buds yet. But the face pad box is gorgeous. 20 pads, pad box, ear buds, wash bags to wash the pads in and a lovely face mask. Which i cannot wait to use. Brill service. Delivery was pretty quick. Thank you so much with my purchase. Just over the moon with it all!

  10. Emilee Morrison

    wow! I’m absolutely blown away with this. the quality is exceptional and delivery was really fast. What an absolute treat and such great price looks much more expensive than it cost. the clay mask was a lovely added touch. I would 100% recommend this and would definitely purchase this again.

  11. Jessica Parry

    High quality products, beautifully packed & presented with fast delivery and great communication from the seller. Using up the last of my traditional cotton (wool) pads; new ones laundered and ready to go.

  12. Valentina

    I’m extremely happy!!! I wanted to make a change and stop using horrible wipes to take out my make up. Poor environment. But unfortunately I was “never” really ready simply because – yes maybe I’m an exception but – I never liked using the cotton pads with the “cream” on it…. so I thought this pads will be the same problem to me? But I really want to be good with the environment so I decided is time to change. Between the different choices I found online I choose this item because I liked the idea of the Black pads (why the others are white?? they will get so dirty I thought…) and especially because of the wooden box 😀 I bought it. I LOVE the wooden box and the bags where to keep and wash the pads. Love them. I wash them , so easy to wash and dry… I finally tried them last night: OMG was it really SO EASY? Only hot water…? I did’t believe…. so easy. THANK YOU.

  13. Ruth lee

    I’ve been looking to stop using face wipes for a while then I came across these.

    Delivered with a bamboo pot to keep the reusable pads in. This seats neatly in my dressing table drawer.

    I put the used pads in the draw string bag then put them in a 40 degree wash with my towels at the end of each week. As you can see from the picture, they come up as good as new when washed!

    Will definitely be buying more as gifts for friends.

  14. Abby

    Really beautiful set! Ideal present, thank you very much!

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  • Are they absorbent as a normal cotton pad?

    Yes they are, but please wash them before the first use.

  • Can I wash black and white pads together?

    Please wash them separately. We have supplied 2 laundry bags per box. One for white pads and one for black pads. This will help to avoid the grey colour on the white pads

  • Do they have mascara or eyeliner stains after wash?

    Not at all. Please use especially designed black pads to prevent mascara, eyeliner & lipstick stains.

  • How many layers do they have?

    Only two layers to avoid excessive absorption of water or cleansing products.

  • Can these pads be tumble dried?

    Line dry is best as tumble drying is liable to shrink the pads.

  • How to use them?

    1. Wash before the first use
    2. Dip into warm water and wipe away the makeup in a circular motion
    3. Repeat until your skin is clean and fresh
    4. Put the dirty pads into the laundry bag and then in the washing machine for 40oC (remember to tie the bag tightly) or wash them by hand
    5. To dry you can put them on a dry towel or on a flat surface or hang them by using their tags
    6. If you want you can iron them at low temperature

  • Are you taking the panda’s food?

    We choose bamboo the pandas don’t eat. The species of bamboo we use is called ‘Moso’ Bamboo and the pandas don’t eat this type, they eat ‘arrow’ bamboo, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we don't take any food from the pandas, we love them!

  • How is sustainable to use bamboo?

    Bamboo is going to be famous soon, watch this space! It really is a wonderful natural material. It can grow up to 1 metre a day, it helps with global warming, and our Moso species outperforms all other bamboos in CO2 absorption and oxygen production. Bamboo is organic and wild and watered by the rain. Our bamboo is controlled by the villagers who practise careful harvest of mature stems for our bamboo storage jars.

  • Is your bamboo storage jar 100% biodegradable?

    Our bamboo jar is fully biodegradable and will safely return to the earth. Although the bamboo we use looks so nice, we always upcycle where we can. Get creative!

  • Do these pads contain polyester?

    NO!!! They are certified 100% bamboo cotton (70% bamboo + 30% organic cotton)

    Polyester can be found in all Bamboo Velvet/Velour pads, Bamboo Terry pads and Bamboo Charcoal pads.

    Our pads are Bamboo Cotton and they are plastic free!