Reusable Bamboo Cotton Makeup Remover Pads. Zero Waste, Vegan Friendly, Organic, Washable, Eco- Friendly, Plastic Free

– White pads for applying toner and moisturiser, ideal for daily makeup removal
– Only two layers of fabric to avoid excessive absorption of water or cleansing products

– All pads in perfect size: 8cm (3.15 inch). Compact size to refresh and cleanse on the go: travel, gym, school or at the beach

– For all genders, ages and skin types, even sensitive baby skin

– PLASTIC FREE- Our pads are 100% organic bamboo cotton fabric. They are certified by STANDARD 100 OEKO -TEX (The Certificate Number BJ001 132449), which means that they are free of harmful substances and safe for human use. They don’t contain polyester! (Which can be found in all velour, velvet, terry, charcoal pads)

– reusable, washable, biodegradable = helping the environment + economic savings

– great alternative for cotton wool pads, face wipes, face cloth, microfibre face cloth, bamboo face cloth or cotton wool balls and can be used as reusable baby wipes

– 100% recyclable packaging

– perfect eco- friendly gift for everyone who loves this beautiful planet 🌎 and for those who try to do as much as possible to reduce any negative environmental affects we may have with our actions

8 reviews for Reusable Bamboo Cotton pads – WHITE

  1. Toni C.

    Absolutely love it! I bought these cotton pads because I wanted a product that would remove makeup and that was reusable. Ive tried other reusable products before and it wasn’t great quality but these are amazing! The quality of the pads are fantastic. After removing my makeup with the pads it came out straight away when washed with soap and water. I’m really happy with my purchase!

  2. Tara Walsh

    Love these. They are soft to use and can use them without guilt once they are reusable

  3. Harriet

    Amazing item! The pads are super soft. Perfect for chipping away at that carbon footprint. Bought multiple packs

  4. Amy

    These are amazing! Now ordered 3 lots for friends/family plus some for myself. Delivery is fast, packaging is cute and the product is brilliant – couldn’t recommend more ☺️

  5. Catlina Rose

    I love how soft they are and the size is just perfect. I really appreciated the fact that there was very minimal packaging when it arrived. I am definitely going to purchase more and add to my collection!

  6. Nadine Joss

    They feel so luxurious! Makes my everyday routine feel just a little more like time at a spa.

  7. Alexandra R

    Excellent product – very pleased with this. Me and my husband have taken a pledge to try and go more eco friendly and this is an great way to get the ball rolling. It’s also fantastic that the price of being eco friendly is competitive with the alternative products so does not need to be factored into our choice.

  8. Sharon J

    So soft, gorgeous. Cute packaging and exactly what I was looking for

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  • Do these pads contain polyester?

    NO!!! They are certified 100% bamboo cotton (70% bamboo + 30% organic cotton)

    Polyester can be found in all Bamboo Velvet/Velour pads, Bamboo Terry pads and Bamboo Charcoal pads.

    Our pads are Bamboo Cotton and they are plastic free!

  • Can these pads be tumble dried?

    Line dry is best as tumble drying is liable to shrink the pads.

  • How many layers do they have?

    Only two layers to avoid excessive absorption of water or cleansing products.

  • Can I wash black and white pads together?

    Please wash them separately. This will help to avoid the grey colour on the white pads.

  • Are they absorbent as a normal cotton pad?

    Yes they are, but please wash them before the first use.

  • How to use reusable bamboo cotton pads?

    1. Wash before the first use
    2. Dip into warm water and wipe away the makeup in a circular motion
    3. Repeat until your skin is clean and fresh
    4. Put the dirty pads into the laundry bag and then into the washing machine at 40oC (remember to tie the bag tightly) or wash them by hand
    5. To dry, you can either put them on a dry towel, a flat surface or hang them by using their tags
    6. If you want, you can iron them at low temperature