Kids LOVE party bags! These plastic-free pre-filled party bags are full of fun gifts, things to make. Without plastic or waste.

Why choose our Party Bags?

  • Plastic- free! No more plastic-filled party bags!
  • Perfect party bags that don’t cost the earth!
  • Pre- filled. Design, quality, give maximum attention to even minimal details to make them absolutely adorable
  • Made of biodegradable premium kraft paper, durable and very strong
  • Perfect size 15x 8x 20cm

With three young children, we’ve been to many birthday parties with our kids leaving with a party bag full of plastic bits, fun for a few hours but which hang around in our environments for decades. We wanted to create party bags and party bag favours which made kids excited and happy but not at the expense of our planet and the environment.

For The Healthy Family’s Bag, we’ve carefully sourced and handmade environmentally thoughtful items to give an attractive mix of party favours.




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