Discover our range of fun and eco-friendly activities for kids. Keep The Kids Busy!
Suitable for many occasions such as children’s garden activity, outdoor education.
Blooming Marvellous Gift to Keep Your Children Occupied During The School Holidays.
The garden survival kits are also ideal to send to a loved one if they are far away.
Perfect little pick me up to pass the time.
Easy To Use & Grow. No gardening experience necessary, full instructions included!
They can be grown all year round if grown indoors!


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BEE AMAZING SAVE THE BEES! – Bring the bees and butterflies back to Britain. Grow Beautiful Flowers in Your Garden to Help Bring Back The Bees. We all need to do our bit for the Bees and help them make a come-back with these super easy to grow Seeds. Beginner Friendly Indoor/ Outdoor Gardening Set for Children. Easy To Use & Grow. NO GARDENING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, FULL INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED!