You will receive:

  • A bio- degradable Kraft Paper Bag measuring 15x 8x 20cm
  • A packet of wildflower seeds (over 100 tiny seeds per pack)
  • A bio-degradable plant pot
  • A paper note pad- 30 pages
  • A wooden twig pencil
  • A wooden plant tag
  • A cute mini- bee rubber

​Bags will be delivered unsealed to allow additional items such as cake, sweets etc. to be added if wanted.

All plant pots will not be put into the party bags due to avoid damage.

This is a great little thank you present or general present for any child who is into nature and the environment.

Perfect party bags that don’t cost the earth.

🐝 PERFECT POLLINATORS NATIVE WILDFLOWERS SEEDS. The seeds contained in the Bee Amazing Save The Bees Party Bag are perfect pollinators bee -friendly seeds and have been carefully selected. The seeds are sourced from the UK. They can be grown all year round if grown indoors! Please be patient with growth, native wildflowers are naturally slow to sprout (2-6 weeks) and flower (not all plants will flower in first summer).

Healthy Family’s Party Bags are inspired & created to offer an Eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional party bag.Easy To Use & Grow. No gardening experience necessary, full instructions included!

Healthy Family’s Party Bags are based on Nature with items being Eco-friendly or Re-usable & being kind to our Environment.

Healthy Family’s Party Bags are based on Nature with items where possible have been sourced which are naturally derived, recycled materials or can compostable rather than landfill.

PRODUCT SAFETY!!! Contains small seeds- not suitable for children under 3 years. To be used under direct supervision of an adult. Seeds are not to be consumed.

6 reviews for Save The Bees Birthday Party Bag

  1. Eva Gibson

    Good value for money!
    Very good quality. Pleasant for a children’s party. Better than plastic party bags anyway.
    All the parents thought it was a fantastic idea and few were certain they will place an order for their own kids birthday parties. Excellent value for money at £2.50 per bag. Thank you!

  2. Sopia Lewies

    Used for my son’s 3rd Birthday at the zoo. Wish I had gotten more! The kids loved them. Wish i had taken photos of the bags but was too busy getting the party moving.

  3. Linzi K

    My son loves these for his bday party. Something totally different from the usual party bag items and not one smidge of plastic in sight! Great value for money. Would definitely recommend.

  4. Ariadna

    Wonderful alternative to the normal gifts bags full of flimsy plastic toys. The bags are very pretty. They arrive in time.

  5. Imogen

    This is just lovely! I’m genuinely shocked at how much you get in here and well it’s put together.

    Highly recommend and excellent value for money.

  6. Eva Alice

    Lovely little party bags. We wanted to do something different for our 9 year old’s birthday party this year and we believe we made the right choice by buying this product. She’s all for saving the planet and planting flowers for the bees so we believe she’ll be very happy with what we got her and her friends.
    We’ ll definitely buy again!!!

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